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Stylista Kanika Kapoor

Multi-faceted Fashionista    
She glides elegantly through family, work and her life’s passion. Maintaining the balance of living one’s dreams while staying grounded, Kanika Kapoor is now making waves on the international scene. Medha Shri engages the multitalented Indian-born Londoner on her style quotient   image1
A formidable woman who combines independence and strength with elan and charisma, blue-eyed beauty Kanika Kapoor was recently nominated for the prestigious Arts and Culture trophy at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards. Her impeccable style sense has also been endorsed by her recent association with the high-end fashion brand Emilio Pucci.  
What is your personal style?  
At the moment I am going through a rock-chic-meets-elegant phase, but I have a very multidimensional life, which has a big impact on my style. From school runs, to sitdown dinners, fashion shows and travelling, my style is really about how I am feeling at any given moment. I would describe it as classic and elegant but also young and adventurous.  
How did your association with Pucci come about?  
I am a loyal client of the fashion house for many years, and over time have developed a very close relationship with them. When they discovered that I was also a mother, designer and singer, they were keen to work on exclusive collaborations. I can’t divulge too much information at this point, but I am very excited about it!  
Are you a fan of the vintage, the retro or the avant garde?  
I like to mix it up. I love it that in London you can find great buys on high street and in vintage markets, which can easily be mixed with that of top fashion designers. Everything goes in London, and I think that is what fashion is all about – fun!  
What is your fashion fetish?  
I can’t live without my feminine cocktail dresses and gowns, skinny jeans and oversized tees. But as it is summer, for just the one item, I would say my Giuseppe Zanotti flats are a summer must have!    
Who’s the best-dressed celebrity according to you?  
That would be Marilyn Monroe, of course. She’s such a legendary figure that she defined real Hollywood glamour that’s still around today.    
Who are your favourite international and Indian designers?  
I love mixing up my wardrobe between high-street pieces and designer labels. Some of my favourite designer brands include Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu and, of course, Emilio Pucci. When I turn to the high street, I love J brand Jeans, COS and the classic staple – Zara. I also adore rummaging through the vintage selection at Portobello Market in London as there are always great finds! In terms of Asian designers, I wear a lot of Rohit Bal, Abu-Sandeep as well as my own label ‘KANIKA’.  
Are you a brand person or can a wellcrafted product cast its spell on you as well?  
All of my own designs are handcrafted and bespoke to those they are created for, so I definitely have a fetish for spectacularly crafted products. If I like something then I have to have it, brand or not.  
What has been your most expensive buy till date?  
Probably my gorgeous Emilio Pucci cocktail dress. It was an extravagant spend. Let’s just say it was well in the thousands [British Pounds]!   Garments and accessories from
Emilio Pucci’s Fall-Winter 2011/12 collection
Are you a daily dresser, or do you like to take it easy on some days?   image3image4
I alter my look depending on my activity. On school runs, I wear a tracksuit or a day dress, and in the evening, depending on where I am heading, I like to wear elegant cocktail dresses.  
A fashionista, a socialite, a musician and a mother of three, Kanika Kapoor
is a powerful brand. Tell us something about Kanika the woman.
I am a very family-orientated person and totally devoted to my husband and children. Family comes first, after which my ambitious and driven nature tends to dominate. I’m a very creative and passionate individual who wears my heart on my sleeve and I hope that this transpires into my fields of expertise. My life philosophy has always been to leave a positive mark on all your life’s endeavours and to make your own ambitious stamp on society, even if it takes time.  

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