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Comfortably Stylish

Mugdha Godse
Model-turned-Bollywood-actress Mugdha Godse likes to keep it simple when it comes to fashion and style. She believes that if one is comfortable in one’s outfi ts, confi dence comes naturally. Shaily Bhusri unravels her style quotient.
She can mesmerise you with her big beautiful eyes and charming smile. Hailing from Pune, Mugdha Godse moved to Mumbai for modelling assignments. With glamour dreams in her eyes and a sensational persona, she was soon picked up by well-known directors. She made her Bollywood debut with the hit movie Fashion, and there has been no looking back since. A popular face in the industry today, she discusses fashion, style, brands and movies with ATELIER.
Tell us about the real you.
The real Mugdha is the girl-next-door, down-to-earth with dreams in her eyes.
From modelling to Bollywood, how has the journey been?
The journey has been really good and very adventurous. The graph is growing; so am I.
How did you get into modelling?
I wanted to do something different and substantial in my life and I had passionate love for the camera. So I used to take part in many pageants, one of which was the Gladrags Mega Model Hunt in 2002, which I won. I then moved to Mumbai and things worked well for me.
How will you describe your style?
Though I am from the fashion industry, I don’t consider myself a fashionista. I like to keep it simple and don’t compromise with comfort. It’s only if I have to walk the red carpet that fashion becomes a priority.
The integral accents in your wardrobe would be…
It’s an amalgamation of everything because when it comes to fashion, you have to be perfect from head to toe. So from shoes to accessories to my hair dos, everything should be right.
Who is your style icon?
No one in particular. Someone who stands for his or her style whether good, bad or ugly and makes it work – that would be my style icon.
Are you a fan of vintage, the retro or the avant garde?
It depends on the mood, though vintage tops my list.
Are you an astute dresser or are there days for a casual dressing?
I like to dress up casually because this is what we are in real life, unless an event requires you to be dressed up in a particular dress code.
What is the one element that completes your look every day?
That would be lip colours. I try new and different lip colours to complement my look. So, I’d say lip colours are absolutely essential to complete my look. I like M.A.C’s So Chaud.
What do you consider luxury in life?
Luxury is something that brings comfort and peace in your life. Simply living in a fi ve-star hotel or roaming about in limousines is not luxury for me if it doesn’t bring happiness and comfort.
Are you a brand person or can a spectacularly crafted product cast its spell on you?
I believe I am a brand myself ! In fact, I don’t wear brands all the time, because what we wear becomes a brand. So I am not very particular or rigid about brands.
Your best-dressed moments are…
II think every day. I feel I look good and well-dressed every day; even if I am wearing a night-suit I feel good about myself. So maybe you should ask others, because I like to think I am always well turned out
Mugdha Godse
Roberto Cavalli’s printed ruched silk dress at Net-a-Porter.

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