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Innermost Secret

Agent Provocateur

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A set of beautiful lingerie can transform and bring out the inner diva in a woman. It becomes your second skin, almost a sashay in your walk and a secretive smile reflecting how good you look on the inside too. Back in 1994, Joseph Corré, son of the iconic Vivienne Westwood, and his then wife Serena Rees set about to radically replace drab undergarments by founding Agent Provocateur in Soho, London, a name that has now become synonymous with opulent and luxurious innerwear. A favourite of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and Lily Allen, the brand retails globally at 56 outlets across the world
Colourful and sensual, lingerie from Agent Provocateur uses exquisite fabrics with styles engineered to fit perfectly. The brand’s image is renowned for being seductively provocative, yet always leaving something to the imagination. It aims to celebrate womanhood by being confident and irreverent. Sarah Shotton, the creative director and a member of the team since the brand’s inception, only designs lingerie that she would herself personally choose to wear. Drawing inspiration from themes such as feminine prowess to fifties’ pin-ups, Shotton swears by her mantra, “Don’t stress out, it’s only a pair of knickers!”
Understanding the importance of the harmony between scent and seduction, Agent Provocateur introduced perfume in its line in the year 2000. They also encompass swimwear, beauty, hosiery and accessories in addition to lingerie. The brand’s boutiques indulge the customer through boudoir-inspired furnishings and interiors complementing the collections, creating a luxurious shopping experience and, of course, attendants sporting the now famous pink coat designed by Vivienne Westwood attend to all your whims. Also, the website of the brand delivers discreetly worldwide making it a popular option.
The brand’s jaunty approach has been endorsed by Kylie Minogue and Dita Von Teese, and advertisement campaigns that prove to be a tease. The Spring-Summer 2012 collection is modelled by the French actress, Mylene Jampanoï. Shotton adds, “After several successful campaigns featuring powerful femme fatales in high-octane bold imagery, I decided that I wanted to take a softer approach for Spring-Summer 2012. I am a huge fan of the soft focused era; the glowing scenes from gently erotic films such as Emmanuelle, The Story of O and my collection of vintage Playboy magazines made me want to re-introduce the sensuality and flirtation of the seventies into our campaigns. We chose Mylene Jampanoï for this campaign because she has a feline sensuality that complements her pin-up figure. She shows that an Agent Provocateur woman can be wholly feminine while still maintaining the allure of a confident and irresistible woman.” Shot in soft focus, the images make for a sharp impression.
Mylene Jampanoï for the Spring-Summer 2012 campaign.
Boudoir interiors of an AP boutique.
Display at an AP boutique.

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