Monday, July 22 2019


Latest on the Shelves

Summer time calls for indulgence, spree and pleasure, but the excruciating effects of hot and humid conditions affect the skin adversely. Beat the heat and flaunt radiant skin with Vandana Rana’s list of the latest skincare products.
Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser fights dullness and the natural ageing process that causes wrinkles. Its unique exfoliating formula leaves the skin super-soft and silky.
Blanc de Perle holds the key to a radiantly finished complexion. The powerful pearl ingredients work beneath the epidermis to make the skin glow.
Comfort Zone
Sacred Nature Bio Certified body butter nourishes the skin deeply and locks in essential moisture to keep it healthy, smooth and protected
Eye Expression Lines Eraser eliminates the creases and fine lines from the under eye area. The instant procedure reinforces and lifts the skin.
Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24-Day Emulsion is an intensive skin contour cream that fights against wrinkles and protects against skin damage.
Estée Lauder
Resilience Lift Day protects the skin from the harsh environment and works against dullness, dehydration and collagen breakdown with its skin-lifting formula.

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